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Translational Research 101

TR101 Webinar Series

The Translational Research 101 webinar series covers topics relevant to translational research with the aim of providing information to help researchers navigate the translational pathway. Below you can find details, and links to the recordings, of past sessions. You will also find our schedule of forthcoming sessions.

Session 1: Taking your idea towards commercialisation: an overview of translation and the innovation process

Recording of this session can be viewed here (access restricted to UoL staff).

Dr Graeme Howling, Head of Innovation at Medipex Ltd., introduces the aspects that all researchers should be aware of when involved in translational research.  From identifying an unmet need to making impact outside of academia, Graeme shows you the steps involved and topics to consider.

About Graeme: Graeme has worked in medtech innovation and development for over 20 years. He is currently Head of Innovation at Medipex Ltd, a healthcare innovation hub which works with NHS trusts, academia and industry to support innovators to accelerate the development of impactful healthcare innovations that address real unmet needs. Previously he worked in the EPSRC Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) based in the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering at the University of Leeds. In the IKC, Graeme was responsible for identifying new technology opportunities and providing support in order to advance development and commercial investment readiness. Prior to the IKC he worked for almost 10 years in a number of research and innovation roles at Smith & Nephew, an international medical devices company. Graeme has a PhD in cell biology and tissue engineering and has an excellent understanding of the medical device industry and its challenges, as well as a background in scientific project management and innovation management.

Session 2: Introduction to Economic Evaluation for Healthcare Innovations

Recording of this session can be viewed here (access restricted to UoL staff).

Dr David Meads, Associate Professor in Health Economics, University of Leeds introduces you to the topic of Economic Evaluation.  The presentation covers topics such as resource allocation in health; types of economic evaluation; the role of economic evaluation in innovation and The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

About David: Dr David Meads is Associate Professor in Health Economics in the Academic Unit of Health Economics at the University of Leeds. He is the health economics lead for the National Institute for Health and care Research (NIHR) Surgical MedTech Co-operative at the University of Leeds; health economist methodologist on an NIHR funding panel; and a NICE technology appraisal committee member. He is primarily interested in decision modelling applied to surgical and oncology settings and early in the innovation pathway to inform investment, research and reimbursement decisions.

Session 3: Introduction to Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

Recording of this session can be viewed here (access restricted to UoL staff).

Dr Amy Contreras, Commercialisation Manager and Dr Jeff Eaves, Interim Head of Opportunity Development (Commercialisation Team, Research and Innovation Service, University of Leeds) introduce you to Intellectual Property and Commercialisation.  The presentation answers the following questions:

  • What is IP and what is commercialisation?
  • Who are the Commercialisation Team and what do they do?
  • How could commercialisation be relevant for my research?
  • What are the benefits of commercialising my research?
  • How do I get in touch with the Commercialisation Team?

About Amy: Amy was awarded a PhD in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine from the University of Leeds before joining the commercialisation team in 2019.  She is now a Commercialisation Manager specialising in, but not limited to, Medical Technologies.

About Jeff: Jeff is the interim Head of Opportunity Development in the Commercialisation Team at the University of Leeds.  His role includes working with colleagues such as Amy to liaise with academics to source, assess and develop, ideas, discoveries and inventions into outcomes that can be commercialised.

Session 4: Introduction to Contracting in Research and Innovation at the University of Leeds

Recording of this session can be viewed here (access restricted to UoL staff).

Frances Cameron, Senior Contracts Manager (Contracts Team, Research and Innovation Service, University of Leeds)  introduces you to the University of Leeds Contracts Process.  The presentation covers the following:

  • Introduction to the RIS Contracts Team and what we do (a quick canter through the processes)
  • What is a contract, why do you need one, and what might you need to consider
  • Cost versus price
  • What key teams, across the University, are available to help support your research journey

About Fran: Fran is a Senior Contracts Manager, responsible for, amongst other things, uniformity of practice and setting of standards, in the overall administration and negotiation of contracts covering the breadth of activity across Research and Innovation at the University. Fran has held a leading role in research and innovation-related contracting in the Research and Innovation Service (RIS) for the last 28 years.

Forthcoming Sessions