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Corporate Relationships Team

We work with the University’s world-class academic community to translate their strategic priorities into a program of research and student engagement that results in tangible business benefit in conjunction with demonstrable impact on society.

The Corporate Relationships team develops and oversees relationships with large corporate partners by elevating discussions to the most senior levels, and ideally the Board. These large corporates typically have £1b+ in revenues and the capacity and propensity to engage in research, innovation and educational opportunities.

The aim is to increase the breadth and depth of our relationships by listening to the needs of partners.

Contact us

Glenn McCauley
Corporate Relationships Manager

Sectors: financial services, transportation, construction, mining
Tel: +44 (0)779 947 6824

Margaret Hudson
Corporate Relationships Manager

Sectors:  energy, utilities, telecommunications, creative and cultural industries
Tel: +44 (0) 759 302 1494