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Major Research Initiatives (MRI) team

We work with the University’s academic community, Research & Innovation Development, Commercialisation and Contracts teams to support the development of large institutional level research opportunities that inherently rely on a high degree of industry partner engagement.

The MRI team works with academic leaders to develop, test, build and deliver strategic concepts for very large research initiatives.

These initiatives transcend faculty boundaries and are truly multi-disciplinary in nature. They are typically greater than £20m in scale, are reliant upon collaboration with corporate partners and usually involve engagement with local and national government funders, e.g. the £81m Institute for High Speed Rail and Systems Integration.

We work with internal and external stakeholders to develop the business case for approval and then as part of the implementation team to ensure strategic oversight.

Contact us

Jeff Eaves

Tel: +44 (0) 751 116 4650

Marc Eatough

Tel: +44 (0) 751 116 4718