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Global Research Development - Contacts

The Global Research Development Team supports existing international research collaborations and identifies opportunities for the development of new research partnerships using knowledge of research at Leeds and the international research landscape. The team scopes future funding opportunities in order to ensure the long term sustainability of international research projects.  

Louise Heery
Associate Director of Global Research Partnerships

Tel: 0113 34 38799

Helen Rajabi
International Networks and Collaborations Manager

Tel: 0113 34 31406

  • Intelligence on shared research priorities for the UK and global partners, including the US and Canada; 
  • Intelligence on funding opportunities to support research and innovation collaborations for the purposes of scaling up existing projects and catalysing new activity; 
  • Support for proposals to ODA and non-ODA funding streams (including DSIT ISPF), where the focus is on global challenge-led research with international partners;
  • Support for strategic international research partnerships.

Hongsen Peng
International Research & Innovation Development Manager (Asia)

Tel: 0113 343 9163

  • Support for existing research connections and potential international research strategic partnerships in the Asia region; 
  • Intelligence on in-country Research & Innovation (R&I) priorities for the Asia region; 
  • Intelligence on funding opportunities for R&I collaborations in the Asia region for the purposes of scaling up existing projects and catalysing new activity; 
  • Support for applications to overseas funding agencies and bi-lateral funds, including Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS),  National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); 
  • Coordination of overseas visits where the focus is on R&I activity.  

Siddeequah Azmi
International Networks and Projects Officer

Tel: 0113-34-34090

  • Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Coordinator;
  • Communications pieces for strategic international projects and networks;
  • Coordination of internal mobility and pump-priming funds, including monitoring and evaluation.